IoT in Field

IoT in Field

Real-time remote diagnosis and solutions through the deployment of the Internet of Things and Digital Twin architecture for the most demanding environments.

The evolution of sensors in networked devices and advances in big data and Advanced Analytics make field service increasingly predictive, highly efficient, and less dependent on human intervention. These devices are purpose built with built-in sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, proximity, substance levels, acceleration, gas detection, or with gyroscopes, infrared or optical sensors. All of them can be used in an extended range of fields, from healthcare to manufacturing.

Nexzera IoT and Digital Twin architecture services offer companies a better reconnaissance and communication of the state of assets in field in real time, which assures that proper policies and operational and safety processes are followed, and that assistance or resolutions are provided as needed, or even before they’re needed -predictive maintenance- with the help of sophisticated Machine Learning and AI techniques. The shift from reactive to proactive service facilitates processes and reduce marginal costs.

Nexzera ensures that the proper and exhaustive collection of your operation and business data follows the data path securely, feeding data reservoirs and ultimately producing the insights that will create AI and Machine Learning improve deployments.

Data management is our area of expertise.

Because we are passionate about technology and because we believe in its power to bring positive changes to your organization and to our society.

We invest time and resources in acquiring new tech knowledge. We develop new tech knowledge.

We’ve generated value for our customers by researching and identifying the best technologies and frameworks for their needs.


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  • HP
  • Bosch
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