Advanced Analytics & Insights

Advanced Analytics & Insights

Advanced Analytics and Insights turn your data into a tool of differentiation, added value and increasing efficiency.

Advanced Analytics and Insights help you make better decisions. Nexzera services provide analytics capabilities in a cloud-hosted or on-premise environment for customers who need enhanced visibility into their business and operations. With rapidly increasing numbers of connected IoT devices, users and applications, you can maximize your operational efficiency and business productivity, keeping your focus on your organizational goals.

By converting raw data into actionable insights, performance and capacity improvements turn into tangible business and operational outcomes, especially when associated with AI and Machine Learning.

Nexzera services adapt to any changing business environment with highly scalable platforms that can synthesize real-time data from multiple sources and domains.

Data management is our area of expertise.

Because we are passionate about technology and because we believe in its power to bring positive changes to your organization and to our society.

We invest time and resources in acquiring new tech knowledge. We develop new tech knowledge.

We’ve generated value for our customers by researching and identifying the best technologies and frameworks for their needs.

We have the experience and the know-how.

  •  Hadoop Platforms with Spark and other ecosystem tools.
  • Azure Analytics
  1. Azure HD Insight
  2. Azure Machine Learning
  3. Azure Stream Analytics
  4. Azure Data lake Analytics
  5. Other Tools
  • AWS Analytic Services
  1. · Amazon Athena
  2. · Amazon EMR
  3. · Amazon Redshift
  4. · Others tools
  • Oracle
  •  SAP
  • Google Cloud Platform
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