About Nexzera

About us

Nexzera is nextgen’s technology service company, focused on IoT, Advanced Analytics and AI applied to diverse fields. With more than 20 years of experience serving Fortune 500 and SME companies, we use the latest technology available and our own proprietary developments to enhance the efficiency of the operations, processes and outcomes of our clients.

We understand that the deployment of these cutting-edge technologies will only make a contribution to an organization as long as it creates real value and it empowers the people involved to keep on growing.

We also believe that the future of the world will be shaped by these innovations -as it had in the past with other ones- and therefore they are a potential tool for economic growth, social insertion and work transparency. It is Nexzera’s responsibility to work according to this mandate.

Our Mission

To sustainably enhance and expand our customers’ business through the latest technology development.

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