Starbridge Galileo


A tailor-made and cost-effective approach to the particularity of your business and operations, with a broad range of customizable tech tools that will help you find a sustainable solution to your needs.

Galileo is nexzera’s tailor-made holistic solution for your specific business or operation. Combining the latest technology available, proprietary developments and professional services, it can fit your particular need with efficiency and flexibility.

Through the use of the digital twin concept, Galileo gathers data from things, process and people’s activities related to your business operation to give rapid solutions to your specific business challenges.

Galileo leverages smart AI and ML algorithms to fill gaps in your data sets, reducing costs and timing required to achieve business solutions. These tools create a range of safe scenarios and parameters for decision making with the agility and flexibility a company in constant flux requires.

Starbridge Galileo leverages our device data framework to deploy rapid data integration from devices, applications, and other data sources with high performance and security, helping with technology options and their implementation.

  • Enterprise reconnaissance
  • KPI analysis and strategic decision making
  • Operation analysis and tactical decision making
  • Maintenance management with predictability analytics
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