Device Connectivity & Data Integration

Connectivity and Data Integration

Fast, scalable and secure end-to-end data flow, from devices to data lake, with high performance in transformations, storage and retrieval.

Connectivity and integration are all about getting the data across the data pipe line -from IoT devices to the data lake- in order to enable the stable flow of your business operations. Nexzera services ensures data collection from qualified devices, as well as its categorization, format, ETL processing and final aggregation to create usable data.

Nexzera developed a proprietary data integration framework that utilizes lightweight IoT protocols for device connection that is transport-agnostic and supports most IoT protocols. Nexzera also works with industry standard integration tools and platforms for device connectivity and data integration processes that are applicable to your existent operation infrastructure.

Building high performance and highly scalable data integration applications at economical costs, with great efficiency, its nexzera value proposition.

Data management is our area of expertise.

Because we are passionate about technology and because we believe in its power to bring positive changes to your organization and to our society.

We invest time and resources in acquiring new tech knowledge. We develop new tech knowledge.

We’ve generated value for our customers by researching and identifying the best technologies and frameworks for their needs.

We have the experience and the know-how.

  • NextGen Device Data
  • Informatica
  • Open Source-Pandas
  • Talend
  • BODS
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