Using nexzera’s array of services, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) including mobile, Multiple System Operators (MSOs), OTT, and media providers can complement their legacy technology to deliver more agile services and simpler, better customer experiences.

Through Advanced Analytics, CSPs can open new markets or expand market share in existing ones, and help service management and maintenance as well. They can also provide better performance, wider scale, and -tapping into data lakes- much better usability, minimizing operational costs and enhancing profitability. Nexzera covers network security for service management and customer protection through secure data path and integration service.

The next generation of mobile broadband will introduce higher speeds, lower latency and increased reliability and capacity. 5G will connect billions of devices and allow them to beam megabytes of data, and that means your business will have to be prepares to expand and fulfill its potential. More customers, more utilization, much opportunities and challenges: with AI you’ll find solutions and meet your customer’s needs.

  • Large scale IoT implementations and integrations
  • Multi-device data exchange
  • Broad sensor hardware support
  • Data integration across apps/devices
  • In-cloud data storage
  • Controlled firmware updates
  • Customized data analytics and reporting
  • Network and connectivity infrastructure refresh services
  • Data and storage migrations
  • Security monitoring and analytics services
  • Big data platform implementation services

AI through advanced analytics

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