Nexzera technology services for financial institutions can help you reduce risks, increase returns and reach new markets, all while keeping the efficiency, security and transparency fields like finance, investment, credit, banking and insurance require.

Through Scalable Data Lakes for Advanced Analytics, nexzera provides insights for the investing decision process, considering the objective, risks, volatility, market forecast, and portfolio diversification, among other variables. Investment planning applications also help with asset allocation, retirement and financial plans. The automation of trading and investing activities can also be implemented under the same parameters and platforms following the same KPIs.

Insights can also help banks improve underwriting processes and reach new markets, like new credit opportunities. Firms can develop analytics that might better evaluate suspected market bubbles. Nexzera provides authentication management services to prevent and detect fraud.

Nexzera’s network and security services guarantees that the data storage, integration and flow are highly secure. Digitalization through Scalable Data Lakes along with the deployment of data retrieval systems makes the production of financial statements and prospectus easier and more transparent.

  • BI and application services with data lakes and Advanced Analytics
  • RPA (robotic process automation) with ML and AI
  • Custom application development services
  • ERP services
  • IoT in security and data integration
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